D-SOLO Brakes & Handling Since March 2006, D-SOLO Brakes & Handling works to provide solutions and services for companies in the automotive industry, offering a confidential external service enables them to carry out the tests, product development, etc. D-SOLO Brakes & Handling, has the capacity for dynamic testing of vehicle 2 and 4 wheels in different areas (brakes, suspension, steering, tires, etc.). Sometimes, companies in the automotive sector does not have the time or expertise to carry out its testing or product testing. This work is needed to complement and certify the progress on the projects they are working. We are also responsible for performing all phases and steps necessary for approval of components, parts, etc.., Upon request, according to current regulations or requirements. Therefore, the company D-SOLO Brakes & Handling offers its customers all their technical, analytical and test execution as may be required to provide a solution to 360 º for each customer. The company has a good responsiveness to carry out and start projects in very short time.
Team Company Services Contact Adress: Torrent de les Flors 148 baix 2ª Esc D - C.P. 08024 Barcelona (Spain) - Legal - D iseñado por D+3
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